LA StockHolm: Dada Polis

LA StockHolm Edition: Dada Polis / October 30 – November 2, 2014
at, Körsbärsvägen 9

Concept: Red Min(e)d
Selection of artists: Red Min(e)d and Hanna Wildow
Production managers: Hanna Wildow, Elin Magnusson, Red Min(e)d and artists

As a visiting resident within the center in marginal program the feminist curatorial group Red Min(e)d presents an inter-active/passive exhibition Dada Polis -– the Stockholm edition of the long-term Living Archive project. In the framework of feminist (curatorial) politics, site-specific artworks, performances, screenings and collaborative action are to be created, destroyed, displayed, hidden, collected, lost or reclaimed by artists and participants from the post-Yugoslav space and Sweden.

Artists: Louise Blad, Cristina Caprioli / ccap, Andreja Dugandžić, Emma­Lina Ericson, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Nela Hasanbegović, Elin Magnusson, Svetlana Maraš, MYCKET, Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Marija Ratković, Hanna Wildow and Red Mined.

Collaboration project between (Stockholm) and CRVENA Association (Sarajevo). Supported by Swedish Institute, Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Sweden Belgrade

Time warp. Fragments. Soundscape remains. Glitch, crackle, noise. Perverse digitality. Electronic wasteland. Ambience simulation. Synthesis.

Laptops and mobile devices on the floor, glitching, crackling, blinking. Fog machine. Electronic soundscape.

0%Loading – immersive sound installation by Svetlana Maras, made in 2014.
Premiered at in Stockholm in October 2014 as a part of the exhibition curated by the Red Min(e)d.
Kindly supported by the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade.

Dada Polis 

It means something. It is a state of affect, a sparked mind, an emotional canvas. It is a social disruption of (re)presentation, perception, (re)cognition, meaning, self and other. It is non-local and self-organizing, relational and pre-political. It comes from our previous curatorial concepts about art and life, human and non-human nature, space and commons, social imagination and political articulation… It comes as a sound, a light, a movement, an object, a counter-habitus and a hunger. It is not a place, but a temporary autonomous sphere where all is (im)possible for (un)certain moments of liberating social resistance. A sphere that overlaps self and alone, others and commons, moments of being-in-tune no matter where or with whom we are.

By introducing Dada Polis, the StockHolm edition of the Living Archive enters into an affective space of apocalyptic distortions of today’s world existence. It looks for post-apocalyptic emotions to disturb the (ideo)logical voices of the senseless present and turn on (en)visioning lights of a common(sense) future. Leaning on a pre-political assemblage that escapes the a materiality of possession, the exclusiveness of power-oriented rules and all kinds of social repressions, Dada Polis dissmisses the human rights and calls for reclaiming subjective responsibility as the only way towards regaining personal freedom. It does (not) count who is (not) there or who is (not) with us.

As an experimental space, and if we paraphrase Kathi Weeks, as “‘a matter of expressing feminist political desire immanent to existence’,” it is a spark of for possible living conditions and social circumstances of the Everyday beyond capitalism and patriarchy.

As a feminist rupture into the state of art, Dada Polis scratches the art-mirror of social reality, and its projection of bare truth goes beyond, to envision the (im)possible -– departing from the absurdity of existing lieity and turning to affects as a pre-condition of political articulation of thereality we are creating by thinking and living.

Thursday, October 30

6 pm Dada Polis Opening with Emma-Lina Ericson, I Still Have an Other-Ache, sound installation, Jusuf Hadzifejzović, Antimilitarische Malerei and Black Market, Nela Hasanbegović, Between Light and Darkness, light installation, Elin Magnusson, Act of Instinct, video and durational performance
7.00 pm Cristina Caprioli CCAP, The Piece, performance
9.00 pm Svetlana Maraš, 0% Loading, performative sound installation

Friday, October 31

2-4 pm CCAP the Piece, workshop version
7 pm MYCKET, club
8 pm Dada Polis Manifesto by Red Min(e)d, participatory writing

Saturday, November 1

4 pm Perpetuum Mobile, screenings edited by Marija Ratković
6 pm Hanna Wildow, Mourning for Stories Unwritten, performance
8 pm Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Hidden for Us, performance

Sunday, November 2

2-5 pm Feminist Feast with Andreja Dugandžić and Louise Blad, hang around together with food for future