feminist curatorial collective: art, theory, life

Red Mined started in 2011 with initiating the Bring In Take Out Living Archive to acknowledge feminist mindset in the representation politics of contemporary art. Using affirmative stand instead of critique the concepts of moral and emotional potential were addressed creating temporary, continuous, universal or subjective states.

Leaning on the individual and collective authorship the exhibitions/archives were formatted as an open-end collaborative processes. Since this year the Red Mined has been moving further off discourse based socially engaged art – envisioning the Symposium as the new ground for mind blowing art and life practice where everything is possible.

Selected Works

Selected exhibitions and presentations include MOTA Point and Academy of Arts Ljubljana, Toni-Areal, ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts, c.off (Stockholm), Edinburgh College of Art, 54. October Salon, (Belgrade), VBKÖ and Open Systems (Vienna), Human Rights Centre/Sarajevo University Campus, Red Dawns International Feminist and Queer Festival, Kapelica and Alkatraz gallery Ljubljana, REDacting Transyugoslav Feminisms conference, Glyptotheque of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Zagreb).