Perpetuum Mobile – Artotheque

Dragan Vojvodic: Distortion of The Organism, video still

Once activated it would run forever, perpetual motion or continuous and unceasing movement or action.
Repetition until recognition.

The collection started with a simple act of giving. A gift of art, for art is a gift that we find no value for. It is more than just a collection of video works, texts, drawings and so forth. What it contains is a multitude of lives and narratives, images and messages that feed the body of this genuine arthotheque.

Perpetuum Mobile, therefore, represents the connections made between all of us bringing in and taking out of the Living Archive and carrying it with us to the present. Perpetuum Mobile will move and travel, grow and change forms of representation, hoping that it becomes an infinite web of rhythmic thoughts finely tuned with all of the nano elements of the driving force.
All the rest is past.

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